Peter Corn is a musician and composer from Birmingham, AL. He received his degree in Anthropology with a focus in Mesoamerican Archaeology and poetry from University of Alabama. After his adoption into the Jicarilla Apache as a young man, he became fascinated in all things Native North American. He and his wife, visual artist Brandy Bajalia, live and work in New York City. He has been known to be stoked. He can be found at and @buttermilk_pete on instagram.


Colter Longshore is a musician and video producer. He is originally from Birmingham, AL and graduated from the University of Alabama with degrees in Film and History. He and his wife, Rebecca, now live in New York City. they have two large dogs. A lot of people call him C-Bob, Colter-Bob or Bobby. He can be found at and @colterlevi on instagram and twitter.


Hywel John writes words, plays music and belongs to West Wales, Brooklyn and North London, pretty much in that order, even if his speaking voice might suggest otherwise. He wishes you the best and says if you're interested, please feel free to check out info on his plays, films and other writing at


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