56. All Hywel's Ween, Part Two

Greetings and welcome back to part two of our All Hywel's Ween Spooktacular. On today's show Colter reads a story by HP Lovecraft and Pete retails us with the chilling story of the Bell Witch, a 19th Century middle-Tennessee legend. Tune in for all the haunting tales of Transatlanticism we have for y'all.

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Colter Longshore
Some Thoughts on Road Trippin'

Spring done sprung up and that means our ol’ buddy, summer, should be following closely behind. In honour, (weird spelling = a nod to our brits) of the eventuality of the dog days, we talked about the history and cultural importance of the American road trip on last week’s episode. The conversation along with the change in the weather started to thaw the frost of the NYC winter from my brain. Hold on to yer butts, ‘cause I got some thoughts.

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Introducing The Fire Escape Blog

Hey ya’ll, we have wanted a new outlet for our ramblings, and we're happy to introduce The Fire Escape Blog! In our efforts to keep the show a little more streamlined and (semi) topical we thought it would be fun to give you a weekly batch of fresh baked thoughts. We hope you find something you enjoy in here, and as always would love to hear your thoughts and questions, as long as they are mostly nice or at least in efforts of being constructive or encouraging. The internet is quickly becoming (or already has become) an old redneck septic tank... full of stinking crap making everyone’s lives just a little bit worse. We won’t contribute to that. Thanks for being cool and open to hearing our stories and conversations. The Fire Escape loves you.

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Colter Longshore
28. Road Trip!

This week the fellas talk about the greatest of American traditions, road trips! At the top we also discuss the shape of Chimney Rock on Lake Lure in North Carolina and the difference between the Aussie accent and the Kiwi.
Hywel is Back!
Peter tells us the tale of the first ever cross country road trip (it involves a bulldog named bud; it's a good story)

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Colter Longshore
26. Mr. John Goes To Birmingham

Hywel is in Birmingham for a while for his project.
Peter and Colter teach him about why Birmingham is called the Magic City and give him some Alabama and regional history.
If you ever play a Southern or Alabama specific trivia game, this is a can't miss episode.

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Colter Longshore
24. The Nod

The lads open up with a little chat about an upcoming Little Horse (Colter and Pete) at the Branded Saloon in BK on 4/5 and Brandy's (Peter's Wife) art installation at Columbia University on the same date.

Hywel reports back on his visit to Buckingham Palace and his mom getting the nod.

We talk about how a diseased deer community might affect the economy of Alabama, and then get into a discussion about hunting in general.

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Colter Longshore
19. Cymraeg Gumption

Hywel is back!
He comes bearing parcels from the west of Wales.
A Colorado couple loses their sailboat amidst the waves.
Peter shares with us the secret his power, pants.

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Colter Longshore
18. Duquette Johnston, Stay Present Y'all

This week we are joined by the multi talented Duquette Johnston.
Parisian Craigslist is again put on notice.
We discuss the perils of instant gratification in art.
Duquette talks about opening a shop in Woodlawn and how to revitalize a community without gentrifying it.
Next, we run down Duquette’s history in music from Verbena to a band with 3 lost records called Cut Grass to today.
Now the world knows how much Pete hates the BeeGees.
To wrap up we start talking about the philosophy of The Fire Escape and Duquette’s philosophy of creating (Hint: they are pretty similar).

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17. Belle Adair

Listen until the end to hear Belle Adair's new single, Get Away.
We chat with the guys about recording their new record at FAME in Muscle Shoals and working at the Wilco Loft in Chicago.
We also hear about how they all came together and what led to them touring with John Paul White and how Single Lock records came to be.

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Colter Longshore
16. Of Portals & Prince Madoc

What exactly is going on in Greenwich after they moved the meridian?
A potential discovery of a ship with a sordid past sheds light on a resilient African community outside of Mobile, AL.
Did a Welsh prince set sail for the coast of Alabama in 1170? We'd like to hope so, Rywel Tydde.

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15. Daniel and Lauren Goans, Lowland Hum

We are joined by Daniel and Lauren Goans of the band Lowland Hum out of Charlottesville, VA.
Cardiff is in dire straits! (the one in Alabama)
Hywel is still in the UK.
There is great discussion on the writing and performing process and the merits of being silly.
We get some sad news at the end.

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Colter Longshore
14. Rywel Tydde

The fellas discuss the Crimson Tide's victory at the top of the show.
Be on the lookout for Fire Escape Rywel Tydde shirts!
Hywel's well on his way to nobility.
We mourn over the loss (potentially temporary) of a Birmingham institution.
How does one find a sense of place?

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