18. Duquette Johnston, Stay Present Y'all

This week we are joined by the multi talented Duquette Johnston.
Parisian Craigslist is again put on notice.
We discuss the perils of instant gratification in art.
Duquette talks about opening a shop in Woodlawn and how to revitalize a community without gentrifying it.
Next, we run down Duquette’s history in music from Verbena to a band with 3 lost records called Cut Grass to today.
Now the world knows how much Pete hates the BeeGees.
To wrap up we start talking about the philosophy of The Fire Escape and Duquette’s philosophy of creating (Hint: they are pretty similar).

Check out Duquette on Instagram @rebelking and @clubduquette and his wife Morgan @ruggedandfancy!

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