Home on the West Coast

This past week I wrapped up my semi-annual trip to California (read Schwarzenegger pronunciation), and I have done some thinking about the things that make me most comfortable in that strange western land.

Venice baby...

Venice baby...



Sure it’s a west coast exclusive chain, but it’s family owned and it gives me the vibe of a combo cook-out/chick-fil-a. Also it’s regional nature makes me crave Milo’s every time I go.

Any of the original Los Angeles neighborhoods except Beverly Hills

The 20s architecture reminds me of a Spanish influenced Avondale, Birmingham, AL. The sidewalks are walkable but just the right amount of unkempt and the front porch reigns supreme.

Rock & Reilly’s on a fall Saturday

This Bama alum bar is closer to an actual Tuscaloosa establishment than the alumni haunts in NYC or Chicago. If you close your eyes and wish hard enough, you might just hear the roar of the crowd from Bryant Denny.

Pipes Cafe in Encinitas

Answers the age old question, “What if surfers opened a Waffle House?”