Easter Brunch in the Big City

Give us a reason to bring some friends to the house, cook a ton of food and eat outside and by God we’ll take it. It just so happens Easter is not only a reason, but a great reason; He is risen, indeed.

We invited friends to the house for a potluck rooftop Easter lunch and we cooked, a lot. Deviled Eggs, goat leg, bagels, quiche, salads-a-plenty, and boy did the casseroles flow like chunky water. The food and drink was great, but the company was unbeatable.

I woke up this morning after Easter feeling an immense sense of gratitude, something I wish I would make myself realize more often. I sat down on the couch to write, listening to my friends Lowland Hum play on my stereo and simply felt grateful to have the community I have. My wife and I have spent the last fifteen years cultivating an insane and unfortunately rare group of friends who are all talented, loving, and supportive people. Six of those years have been dedicated to building that community in NYC. Our Easter lunch for a few friends turned into nearly twenty people on our roof eating and drinking till late in the evening.

It can be hard to always feel connected in NYC. It’s an isolating place. Its big and crowded and busy, often in detrimental ways. Here, you can live five miles from your closest friend and see them once every few months. Cultivating and maintaining community is extremely difficult, but all the more necessary. We can’t make it without community. As an artist, a husband, a friend, and a christian, this world was designed for us to navigate as a team. No one can go it alone and my feeling of gratitude this morning comes from understanding that I don’t. Ride or die for life. Road dogs till the end. I love my friends and family.

Make sure you find your people. Find them, and then love them.

- Pete

Colter Longshore