Things That Make Us Feel At Home: Downtown NYC

Lower Manhattan is one of the more interesting city subsections I’ve ever seen. In an area that would fit inside almost every other American city, you have Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Alphabet City, SoHo, Little Italy, The Bowery, Battery Park, Two Bridges, Tribeca, South Seaport… I think you get the point. A quick walk down Houston, Bleeker or Canal from river to river will show you massive swings in neighborhood styles. These are the spots you should stop by while you are exploring.

Comedy Cellar/Olive Tree Cafe

Being around the energy of comedians helps push you in a city that is a hard spot to be in if you don’t have any momentum. Hitting the happy hour specials at Fat Black is the sweet spot for a handful of folks who are un/underemployed and trying to plan out your next scheme over a pitcher of Yeungling.

Jeremy’s Ale House

If you are digging in to a 30oz bud light and eating a fried fish poboy with a side of fries that total costs you under $15 bucks and bras and dollars are hanging from the ceiling you could easily convince me I’m actually in a side room I’ve never been to at the Flora-Bama. 

Grove Street (or any other street between Bleeker, 7th and Hudson)

Just walk down one of these quiet streets on a weeknight. You might not mistake it for Morris Ave in Birmingham, AL, but it will cut out the noise and make you feel just the slightest nudging of peaceful possibilities.

Washington Square Park

Imagine a quad at an idyllic college and then add in folks playing trumpets and chess,


First off it’s a Saints bar, and furthermore it has a back patio which is rare for the LES.