Better Than This

Hey y’all,
Obviously there is a lot of tension and fear getting flung around the country right now. I am not smart enough, nor have I been able to work out the complexities and confusion around my own personal beliefs on abortion to have an opinion I am confident in. More importantly, for the first time in my life as an adult I don’t think the world really needs my opinion.

Women don’t need my opinion to know their feelings on this extremely personal and complex issue. Other men don’t need it to form their beliefs on something that I have zero experience with. Please don’t misunderstand me, I believe strongly that our voices are important. I know the value in standing firm in one’s convictions and fighting for truth and justice. I think if you feel strongly about an issue you have every right to scream it from the rooftops and take to the streets to see it through, but I also think the internet/ social media has tricked us into believing we all should be chiming in on every single thing that someone says is important on twitter.

That, I believe, is faulty. Many of us are unqualified to be on the front lines of certain issues. I for one feel unqualified to stand on the front lines of this current issue. I find myself confused and unsure. Multiple times a day my mind changes and swirls around my more conservative southern upbringing and, contrary to popular belief, the progressive and deeply caring nature, that lay at the heart of the faith I have chosen to follow.

Being honest about the struggle of these two realities in the current political landscape makes my heart beat increase a bit. It’s scary to stop in the middle of this quickly moving stream to take a beat and try to figure out my surroundings and at times even question them, but I think it’s necessary.

At the center of my beliefs there is a North Star, a constant -- capital “T” Truth. I am always searching for it. Always believing that if we search for it, we will find it. I want to be clear, for all of my sisters out there who are feeling scared and saddened by these attempts at this new legislation, I am with you. I am scared with you and cry with you. I don’t know what it feels like to be at the receiving end of the malicious and uncaring hands of a man, in a world run by men, and I won’t be so bold as to tell you how to deal with that.

I do hope we can all be in this together, though. I hope that the uncaring, cold, and callous men making these decisions can learn to be better. I hope the people on the left (myself included) can be gracious towards those who have been mislead and don’t understand how far off the path they’ve wandered, how much harm they’ve caused.

After the Cohen hearing Chairman Elijah Cummings made me cry with his closing remarks. He said something so simple and so unendingly true that hearing it both hurt my heart and gave me hope. Chairman Cummings, I think, said what we all know is true, “We are better than this. … We really are. As a country, we are so much better than this.”


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