83. Teresa Lee and the Return of Hywel

Towards the end of the episode (43:59) we play you the real reason we are here this week, which is an interview with the very funny and also kind, Teresa Lee.

We met Teresa downtown to catch her after her last screenings of "I Think She Likes You", a short film she co-wrote and stars in, but unfortunately for all involved every location we picked kept getting shut down after a few minutes so our chat with her only ended up lasting about 16 minutes (They are sixteen solid minutes tho).

Since it was essentially Pete's fault, Colter and Hywel (recently in from the cold of Des Moines) had him fired as per usual and spend the first three quarters of the episode talking a bout portals between Alabama and Wales as well as Bass Pro Shops, Avengers Endgame and much more.

Colter Longshore