12. And A Happy New Year

Apologies for the audio difficulties. It's all Pete's fault.
The Fire Escape guys discus some of their favorite Christmas carols and why they did (will be doing) with their families over the holidays.
We discuss the Queen's christmas message.
What will 2018 have in store for the The Fire Escape? For you? For America?
Stick Around for another Lowland Hum Christmas Carol!

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Colter Longshore
11. We Wish Y'all a Merry Christmas

Stay tuned through the end of the show to hear Hywel read an excerpt from "A Child's Christmas in Wales" by Dylan Thomas, as well as a Christmas carol from our dear friends, Lowland Hum, off of their album "Songs for Christmas Time".
Peter teaches us poinsettia history.
Is Colter a secret American Monarchist?

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Colter Longshore
10. C Bangs & Greg Matloff, Are The Stars Out Tonight?

This week the gang sits down with astrophysicist Greg Matloff and artist C Bangs to have a chat about solar sails and holograms (like the Pokemon cards not R2-D2).
We chat about the difference between NASA hub Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas.
Greg tells us about how interstellar travel could be possible using solar sails!
C describes her incredible work in painting and hologram art as well as how she worked for NASA in a different capacity.
Do molecular stars have volition? Tune in to find out!

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Colter Longshore
9. Try Not, Don't Not Try

Hywel finds an antique rocking chair!
Learn the ultimate fate of the famed porch piano.
Harper Lee warned us of Roy Moore 12 years ago!
Some refugees express their love of the Welsh weather and people.
Why do we keep taking native lands?
Missed connections?

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Colter Longshore
8. Joey Scarborough, The Millionth Wind

This weeks episode we are joined by NBC News Social Media Editor and our friend, Joey Scarborough. 
We originally planned on talking solely about punk music and Star Wars TLJ, but news of Matt Lauer's departure from NBC amid some horrendous allegations as well as the President's ongoing feud with Joey's family took our conversation elsewhere.
We eventually discuss the merits of what makes the best Beatles song.

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Colter Longshore
7. Explaining Thanksgiving to a Welshman

Peter and Colter teach Hywel about the truths and myths behind America's favorite fall holiday.
Hywel is sent on a mission to infiltrate East Nashville and find out what those kids are up to.
What happens when a Welshman attempts the Cracker Barrel Trifecta?

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Colter Longshore
5. A Mystery of Octopuses

¡Sì, Basque!
Hywel is joining us from far off Providence, not Coincidence, RI.
We debate a lot of grammar surrounding cephalopods.
Colter may be the genesis of several crypto-zoological mysteries.
Peter works blue material in Norwegian.
We definitely do not confess to publicly injuring people by speaking of "that play".

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