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Better Than This

Being honest about the struggle of these two realities in the current political landscape makes my heart beat increase a bit. It’s scary to stop in the middle of this quickly moving stream to take a beat and try to figure out my surroundings and at times even question them, but I think it’s necessary.

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On Daenerys Stormborn and Art Criticism at the Speed of Light

On Sunday night, May the 12th, twitter was alight with takes as hot as the fire pouring forth from Drogon’s maw. While I do think there are some valid criticisms of the pacing of the show this season, and the show-runners’ arbitrary choice of limiting their remaining time, I also am not so sure we should collectively decide the quality of a work by midnight after it airs and in a group project setting.

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The Fire Escape Flashback Friday Series: Priyanka Aribindi

Past guest, Priyanka Aribindi, is frustratingly young and successful. Remember that name folks because she is an absolute badass and total star. A lot of you might recognize her name based off of her “What a Day” newsletter for Crooked Media or her frequent cameos on various Crooked shows.

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Three Arguments to Not Delete Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

I read Jaron Lanier’s book (see below) A few weeks ago, and I think it has some very salient points. However, I will rebut some of it here in the following arguments.

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Things That Make Us Feel At Home: Downtown NYC

Lower Manhattan is one of the more interesting city subsections I’ve ever seen. In an area that would fit inside almost every other American city, you have Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Alphabet City, SoHo, Little Italy, The Bowery, Battery Park, Two Bridges, Tribeca, South Seaport… I think you get the point. A quick walk down Houston, Bleeker or Canal from river to river will show you massive swings in neighborhood styles. These are the spots you should stop by while you are exploring.

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Home on the West Coast

This past week i wrapped up my semi-annual trip to California (read Schwarzenegger pronunciation), and I have done some thinking about the things that make me most comfortable in that strange western land.

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Past Guest Roy Wood Jr. Gets B'ham Based Pilot Rolling

A few weeks back Roy Wood Jr. joined us out on the fire escape to talk all things Birmingham and the entertainment industry.

During the episode Roy told us about the possibility of shooting some projects back home in B’ham, and it is looking like that will be a reality according to the news this week.

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