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89. We Were Hacked by Jamie Loftus

Jamie Loftus joins Peter and Colter over the phone and only eight minutes in to our talk about MENSA we are hacked and the line cuts off abruptly. They don't slow us down, however, as we had set up a backchannel communication with Loftus all along. Join us as we get to know writer, comedian and podcast host, Jamie Loftus, a little bit better. Topics range from the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe, Neil Gaiman's benevolent scale-tipping and the history of ice resurfacers.

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85. And Now Our Watch Has Ended

This week in the Fire Escape Holdfast, the lads are joined by Lord Director Ser Mercutio Tortoraunchy to tell y’all about how hard storytelling is, mention LOST too many times and recap one of our favorite series ever. Beware Game of Thrones spoilers.

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68. Roy Wood Jr.

Hywel is still hanging with the island songbirds, but he is kind enough to call in and let us hear their siren tune. Peter and Colter sit down in person with fellow native Birminghamian, stand up, hater of the heat, Daily Show correspondent, host of This is Not Happening on Comedy Central, I think you get the point, he’s a very busy man, Roy Wood Jr. we talk about his journey from hometown to now, the two times he’s felt he’s “made it”, the light at the end of the tunnel (it’s a train), who the best SEC football fan tippers are, fatherhood and bringing productions to the south.

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57. Hannah Elliott: Luxury, Cars and Bears

Joining us on our perch out on The Fire Escape this week is Bloomberg writer and all around cool kid, Hannah Elliott. We talk about her career in journalism, running track at Baylor University, the Pacific Northwest and figuring out how it works living in NYC. We also talk about being in to cars, but not being "car guys', as in we don't know that much about cars, but we do like them.

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18. Duquette Johnston, Stay Present Y'all

This week we are joined by the multi talented Duquette Johnston.
Parisian Craigslist is again put on notice.
We discuss the perils of instant gratification in art.
Duquette talks about opening a shop in Woodlawn and how to revitalize a community without gentrifying it.
Next, we run down Duquette’s history in music from Verbena to a band with 3 lost records called Cut Grass to today.
Now the world knows how much Pete hates the BeeGees.
To wrap up we start talking about the philosophy of The Fire Escape and Duquette’s philosophy of creating (Hint: they are pretty similar).

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16. Of Portals & Prince Madoc

What exactly is going on in Greenwich after they moved the meridian?
A potential discovery of a ship with a sordid past sheds light on a resilient African community outside of Mobile, AL.
Did a Welsh prince set sail for the coast of Alabama in 1170? We'd like to hope so, Rywel Tydde.

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14. Rywel Tydde

The fellas discuss the Crimson Tide's victory at the top of the show.
Be on the lookout for Fire Escape Rywel Tydde shirts!
Hywel's well on his way to nobility.
We mourn over the loss (potentially temporary) of a Birmingham institution.
How does one find a sense of place?

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5. A Mystery of Octopuses

¡Sì, Basque!
Hywel is joining us from far off Providence, not Coincidence, RI.
We debate a lot of grammar surrounding cephalopods.
Colter may be the genesis of several crypto-zoological mysteries.
Peter works blue material in Norwegian.
We definitely do not confess to publicly injuring people by speaking of "that play".

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