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89. We Were Hacked by Jamie Loftus

Jamie Loftus joins Peter and Colter over the phone and only eight minutes in to our talk about MENSA we are hacked and the line cuts off abruptly. They don't slow us down, however, as we had set up a backchannel communication with Loftus all along. Join us as we get to know writer, comedian and podcast host, Jamie Loftus, a little bit better. Topics range from the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe, Neil Gaiman's benevolent scale-tipping and the history of ice resurfacers.

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The Fire Escape Flashback Friday Series: Priyanka Aribindi

Past guest, Priyanka Aribindi, is frustratingly young and successful. Remember that name folks because she is an absolute badass and total star. A lot of you might recognize her name based off of her “What a Day” newsletter for Crooked Media or her frequent cameos on various Crooked shows.

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