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100. The Real Truth About Our 100th Episode, In Only 3 Minutes

The Lads blow the lid off the 100th episode scandal. The real truth about the 100th episode, is hard hitting and dangerous. They take on the big canyon agenda, numerology and the onslaught of relentless chicken in an unforgiving dash for justice, righteousness and FREEDOM! With the help of Chief Mouser, Larry the Cat, they fixed Brexit. Here’s to the 100th episode of a podcast named after fire escapes!

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94. Magnus Walker & Hannah Elliott: Mille Miglia and Sheffield Facts

The Lads were graciously invited in to the home of previous guest, Hannah Elliott, and her main man, Magnus Walker (what a name that, eh? goes well with the beard).

Magnus and Hannah are effortlessly cool in a way you can only be if you are as kind and generous as they are and we here at Fire Escape Industries hope that you are left feeling like you too sat out on the criss-cross ladders of the escape with all five of us.

We talk about a four day race throughout the Italian countryside, as well as get into the finer details of our accents, or lack there of with regards to the PNW raised Elliott.

There are laughs. There are stories. There are Hot Wheels.

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